Look at recent posts for 12-hour Tutor Training dates. Call 542-5782 for more information.

Download and print a volunteer application here: Volunteer Application for web

How the Program Works
Intake interview and confidential assessment of each learner
Identification of the learner’s personal goals
Learner is matched with an appropriate tutor
Learner is provided one-on-one tutoring, small-group and independent computer-based learning
Learner is retested and assessed for progress on a regular basis
Adults who request our services are matched with volunteers who have been trained to act as tutors.
Each learner/tutor pair meet twice a week for an hour of one-on-one personalized, confidential tutoring; these sessions usually occur at the CALC office at a time that accommodates the student’s and tutor’s schedules.
The office is available day or evening with abundant resources to support the tutor’s instructional plan. As the student/tutor pair work together, the CALC staff provides instructional support and guidance. CALC also collaborates with organizations that provide related services. By information-sharing and cross-referrals, we work in tandem with many community agencies, including adult education and training/workforce programs, the Charlotte County Library, and local social services departments.

Qualifications: Must have good reading, writing, and oral communication skills
Must be well organized and good at planning
Must be a good listener
Must be patient, compassionate, non-judgmental, and committed
Responsibilities: Complete the Tutor Training
Provide two hours of tutoring each week
Commit to one year of service
Be respectful of student’s confidentiality
Tutor only in a public place—not in your home or student’s home
Attend other tutor workshops offered
Fill out Progress Reports each month for Program Director
Notify Program Director if the student is not attending regularly or if problems arise
Ask the Program Director for lesson advice if needed
Notify Program Director of changes in your contact information or if you plan to take a break longer than two weeks
Notify and explain to the Program Director if either you or your student decides to stop sessions

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  1. This is better than ant before. Might want to change looking for a few good churches to looking for a few churches

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