General GED & Driver’s License

In connection with SVCC, we host GED® classes at our location throughout the week. To find out more, contact us or stop by and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate people.

In the meantime, you can check out the links below for practice and information.

General GED®:

  • – Sign up to take practice tests, find an adult learning center, or register to test.
  • McGraw-Hill – Be sure to try their online practice tests, glossary, flashcards, and testing tips. This site also helps you send your results to your GED® teacher, so make sure to have his or her email address.
  •  PBS Literacy Link – It is recommended you start with “Workplace Essential Skills” material and progress to the GED® Connection lessons and practice tests.
  •  GED® Virginia – Go to this site and click on “Study” and watch the “Test-Taking strategies” slideshow at the bottom.
  •  4Tests – free practice tests online, including the GEDStudy for the Career Readiness Certificate (register with your instructor)
  •  ACT – Practice for the CRC and the GED®.
  • Study Guide Zone– Online test prep and GED activities and resources
  • Varsity Tutors– High-level practice tests and study materials for GED students
  • How to Pass the GED

Drivers License:

  • DMV – Study online for the Virginia Learner’s Permit.
  • The Truckers Report – Study for the CDL knowledge test with these practice questions.