Computer Literacy

Computers and technology are everywhere. Efficient use of these tools can vastly impact our daily lives. We strive to help overcome some barriers that exist for those who aren’t as comfortable or knowledgeable in their usage.

We have a cozy computer lab for small group instruction in computer literacy and individual practice. Students can use our computers for individualized distance learning as well as guided instructions.

Our classes range according to the need of our students, and start from the basic parts and vocabulary of computers up through to higher instructions for skills needed in the workplace and life pursuits.

Contact us today to find out about the classes we have now!

Sites For Independent Practice in Computer Work Skills

  • GCF Learn Free– Videos focusing on computer and work skills, as well as activities to work on reading, vocabulary, and more
  • Business English Site– Business English vocabulary and lessons for high-level ESOL students
  • Learn the Net– Navigating the internet
  • Excel Easy–  Working with Excel
  • Mousercise – this one will help students develop coordination using a mouse.
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy – This link offers a free assessment test resulting in the potential for a Digital Literacy Certificate upon passing.